News-Rubrik: Port of Linz

Much more landside and container handling in the port of Linz

Good development in rental and logistics business; Loss in volumes handled on the water in 2018

Port of Linz: First use of the icebreaker this winter

Powered by two 250 hp diesel engines, MS Eduard can break ice up to 15 centimeters thick

EUR 24 million investment in the port of Linz

Since its inception, Linz AG has invested more than EUR 2 billion, which makes it one of the most important initiators of the regional industry

Port of Linz: successful corridor from/to Hamburg

Linz has been an important hub in the hinterland for the port of Hamburg for many years

Rise in total volume of water-borne transport in the port of Linz

The Danube port plans to make investments of EUR 22 million in the 2018 financial year

Stable business development in the port of Linz

Increase in water handling, slight drop in container throughput and very good capacity utilization in the rental and logistics segment

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Ports of Linz staying in their top positions

In 2016, more than half of Austria’s waterborne throughput volume was handled by the Linz ports

Upper Austrian art “to monitor” the port of Linz

Manfred Kielnhofer provides one of his impressive sculptures called “Guardians of Time” as a loan

Port of Linz sees significant rise in sales in 2016

Low water levels of the Danube caused decline in the waterborne cargo transport; slight decline in container traffic

Ultra-modern office building for the port of Linz

New ground project to be implemented: Linz AG invested EUR 7.5 million in the reconstruction of a former fruit and vegetable hall

Port of Linz achieves record volume in container throughput

The port company profits from a future-oriented, offensive market strategy and the anticipatory planning of Linz AG

New direct rail service from Rotterdam to the Port of Linz

Port of Linz increases its significante as a hub for railway transport between seaports and their hinterland

Port of Linz registered record year with regard to container handling

With a number of 231.000 TEU the annual handling record of 225.300 TEU dating from the business year 2008 was already exceeded by mid September.