Upper Austrian art “to monitor” the port of Linz

Manfred Kielnhofer provides one of his impressive sculptures called “Guardians of Time” as a loan

Upper Austrian art “to monitor” the port of Linz

Since recently, a “guardian of the time” – a sculpture on loan from the Upper Austrian artist Manfred Kielnhofer – is exhibited on the roof in the port of Linz. With his spectacular works of art called “Guardians of Time”, the native from Upper Austria attracts attention worldwide. The monk-like figures appear and disappear again, they observe and monitor the actions of individuals, as well as of society – without commenting it.

Recently, the “Guardians of the Times” appeared at the Spotlight Festival in Bucharest and at the Festival of Lights in Berlin. One of these figures is now looking quietly at the port basin 2 and the future “Project Neuland” construction site. The sculpture, about 160 centimeters in height, is expected to linger there for two years, exploring what’s going on below, until the building of the port’s management board will be torn down in the course of the project. Afterwards, the guardian will continue its journey.

There are three different types of guards: Standing, sitting cross-legged or sitting on the roof edge, like the sculpture on the roof in the port. This guardian even has his premiere in Linz, and has not been used before. The artist Manfred Kielnhofer positions his polyester sculptures mainly in unusual locations such as in front of castles, in old monasteries or on skyscrapers. This autumn, some of his guards will be moved to Australia’s Gold Coast.