UPS launch micro-depot logistics in Munich

From mini-distribution containers, parcels are delivered by bike and by foot

UPS launch micro-depot logistics in Munich

This type of parcel delivery is part of the public-private cooperation “City2Share”. It provides that containers are loaded with parcels for the respective regions in the early morning, and then used by UPS employees as starting point. On the last meters, the goods will be delivered with electrically supported “cargo cruisers”, conventional cargo bikes and bagcars. This new delivery system replaces three delivery vans and thus contributes to the reduction of emissions and noise in the capital.

In February 2012, UPS introduced its first urban delivery system of this type in Hamburg. In this way, between seven and ten delivery vans could be banned from the city center per working day. The logistics company has also launched further sustainable urban delivery projects in Offenbach near Frankfurt am Main, Oldenburg as well as in Herne, and in Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland and Italy, and delivers parcels there by foot and by bike.

Students of the Munich Akademie Mode & Design (AMD) are designing three containers for the project in Bavaria, which are set up as mini-parcel delivery points at three locations in Munich. For their exam in July, the students may submit up to two drafts, which are subsequently evaluated by a jury consisting of UPS and City2Share representatives.