UPS accelerates shipments from Austria to France

Shorter transport times bring France closer to the growth-oriented Austrian mid Tier shippers

UPS accelerates shipments from Austria to France

UPS implemented a series of enhancements to its network and infrastructure which reduces transit times between eight European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Greece and Spain) to France. Customers from areas in Austria will now benefit from faster ground shipping to France using UPS Standard. A parcel sent from Linz to Toulouse now only takes two days instead of three.

“Business owners need to be confident their customers will receive their orders on time, at the right place and at the right price,” says Nando Cesarone, President UPS Europe. “To help businesses do this, we’ve reduced shipping times by up to 24 hours.”

The recent time in transit improvements are part of UPS’s USD 2 billion (EUR 1.7 billion) investment in its European network and infrastructure until 2019. UPS has already completed one-third of this network expansion and redesign program.

In 2017 this will include network improvements in 28 countries as well as an increased air freight capacities between the Cologne Air Hub and Spain, Poland and Lithuania. UPS has also announced new new facilities in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and the UK.