trans-o-flex with a new structure and corporate design

Two transport networks – one standard design for vehicles and drivers’ uniforms across the entire Group

trans-o-flex with a new structure and corporate design

In order to implement and introduce its new strategy of offering solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer electronics industries, as well as for the transportation of other high-quality products, logistic specialist trans-o-flex has re-organised its structure into three new business areas and adopted a completely new corporate design.

From now on, the logistic expert offers all of its services under the trans-o-flex brand with three business areas: Pharma Logistics, Technology Logistics as well as Contract Logistics. Pharma Logistics covers the company’s entire transport offer for pharmaceutical products and cosmetics.

Medical products such as plasters or medical devices, which do not need active temperature control, are now handled in the Health Direct product segment. In its second business area Technology Logistics, trans-o-flex is focusing its activities on the transportation of consumer electronics and other high-quality products in the Tech Direct product range, while Contract Logistics, as the third business area, has been established to organise all warehouse logistic and special services, e.g. the classic storage business as well as value-added services such as display installation and stocking, and fulfilment services such as invoicing, credit management or returns processing.

“We abandoned our traditional inward-looking orientation towards transport and logistic structures and moved towards a structure that reflects the customers’ requirements“, says Frank Iden, CEO of trans-o-flex. “At the same time, we developed a new standard corporate design that links all business areas and that, from the drivers’ uniforms, vehicles and hubs to company brochures and presentations, meets the high requirements of our core industries.”

The vehicles will gradually be given a standard design, irrespective of the transport network they belong to. The same will happen to the drivers’ uniforms. In 2018, the conversion of all pharmaceutical transports to active temperature control should be completed.

The trans-o-flex Group’s core competence focuses on the provision of logistic solutions for the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and consumer electronics industries as well on the transportation of other high-quality, sensitive goods. For the transportation of pharmaceutical products, trans-o-flex has built a nationwide network that includes active temperature control and full documentation. At an international level, trans-o-flex focuses on the implementation of logistic concepts via the networks EUROTEMP (temperature-controlled logistics) and EURODIS (in 35 European countries).

Both nationally and internationally, trans-o-flex, in contrast to 100-% parcel services, delivers both goods in parcels and on pallets and also offers special services, such as the transportation of hazardous goods (without being limited to small quantities), express and time-window deliveries as well as direct deliveries. Thus, the company covers the entire logistic chain from procurement and warehousing to distribution and fulfilment. In 2015, annual sales of the trans-o-flex Group, which has a workforce of approximately 1,900 employees, amounted to about EUR 500 million.