trans-o-flex became an express service company

100 per cent reliability in all business areas; ten guaranteed products with defined delivery time

trans-o-flex became an express service company

trans-o-flex Schnell-Lieferdienst is changing its company name to trans-o-flex Express GmbH this month. “This is a visible sign for everyone that our ongoing development into an express service has been completed”, says Wolfgang P. Albeck.

For the CEO of the logistics service provider based in Weinheim, the name ‘Express’ signals, in addition to a specific product offering, above all a certain promise of quality and the focus on customer requirements. “That’s why we first ensured the necessary quality and can now also attach the appropriate label.”  

In April, the company introduced two more express products, bringing its total number of express services to ten. “Sometimes the standard delivery time is not enough for our customers, even if consignments do arrive the next day in 98 per cent of cases. They would rather be 100 per cent certain that their goods will arrive the next day. And sometimes they require the delivery to be made by a certain time”, emphasises Wolfgang P. Albeck.

What is even more important than these product enhancements for Albeck, is what he expects from an express service. “Express implies the promise of complete reliability. For this reason, the claim of 100% quality should not only apply to the pure transport processes, but we need 360 degree quality”.

By way of example, trans-o-flex has introduced requirements specifying for how long an offer may last, in what period of time a customer request must be dealt with, how quickly enquiries about billing are answered and clarified, and how quickly employees answer the phone.

The trans-o-flex group’s core competence is on the provision of logistic solutions for the transportation of other high-quality, sensitive goods. Pharmaceutical products are delivered fully actively temperature-controlled and documented throughout Germany. Internationally, trans-o-flex offers logistics services via the EUROTEMP (temperature-controlled logistics) and EURODIS (in 36 European countries) networks.