Sophy Mobile gets support from Vienna Business Agency

Viennese start-up Sophy Mobile offers b2b software for simplifying transport communication between forwarders, producers, suppliers and their clients

Sophy Mobile gets support from Vienna Business Agency Bild: Sophy Mobile

Countless emails and phone calls. Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, phone and fax. The 24 languages within the EU. This is daily business for dispatchers at both sides – producers and forwarders. While a pick-up status update travels along the communication chain, the shipment itself might have already been delivered hundreds of kilometres away.

Producers, suppliers and forwarders have developed IT system focusing on their internal processes, following a rather silo-approach, leaving interconnectivity beside. Data is transferred manually via Email or phone – dispatchers must often input data beside in their own forwarding or ERP system, also in their clients’ system.

The founders team of Sophy Mobile sets its goal to automate monotonous communication tasks. Sophy can take over distribution of status updates, document transfer, data exchange so you can concentrate on your core competence.

Sophy is available in different languages and facilitates the understanding at un/loading points – standard communication phrases are translated automatically in the app directly on the mobile device of the driver. A flexible API supports connectivity to internal and external IT systems.

“We want to significantly reduce the communication effort” – is the goal of CEO Alexander Iwanov. “The grant from the Vienna Business Agency is not only a financial assurance. It shows that our start-up is on the right way and is setting the future trends.”

Sophy Mobile has set up an own booth at the world-leading exhibiton transport logistic 2019 in Munich. A pre-registration for the software is already possible on the website of Sophy Mobile.