Rail Cargo Operator: Successful premiere of “Cool Express”

“Cool Express” by Rail Cargo Operator carries fresh fruit and vegetables in a seamless cool chain from Koper to Rotterdam

Rail Cargo Operator: Successful premiere of “Cool Express”

In course of the EU project „Fresh Fruit Corridor“ (FFC), Rail Cargo Operator – Austria GmbH is in charge of the first intermodal test train for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables, enabling an seamless cold chain transportation from the port of Koper to Rotterdam. This has been the first test trip that crosses wide parts of Europe temperature-controlled by rail from the South to the North.

The perishable goods – oranges, clementines and potatoes – have been transported so far by sea from Israel to the North European ports. Through the use of the rail freight connection via the port of Koper, the transportation time has been shortened by seven days in the test run.

With the successful handling of the first „Cool Express“, Rail Cargo Operator – Austria was able to convince the Israeli customer with a high-quality performance. The European route share from Koper to Rotterdam by rail has been completed safely within 40 hours. In the next months, the project FFC will be further expanded with innovative connections.