ÖBB Rail Cargo Group drives its commitment to climate protection

As a member of the Rail Freight Forward Initiative, the company aims to increase the share of rail freight transport in the mode split

ÖBB Rail Cargo Group drives its commitment to climate protection Bild: ÖBB, Scheiblecker

The European Mobility Week is taking place in Vienna from 16th to 22nd September. ÖBB – Austria’s largest climate protection company – is also part of the Europe-wide campaign. A special highlight is the Rail Freight Forward Noah’s Train Container, which will be on display for the whole week at the main entrance to the Vienna main station. Together with WWF Austria, it is meant as a symbol for climate protection and the Rail Freight Forward Initiative.

Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly transport systems at attractive costs are essential for many areas of human life and the industry. Rail freight traffic makes a significant contribution to this. Transporting goods from A to B easily, quickly and efficiently is a prerequisite nowadays.

Furthermore, ÖBB are important levers in climate protection and, with their ambitious climate protection strategy, play an important role in achieving the climate protection goals. The Rail Cargo Group is involved in the Rail Freight Forward initiative for European freight traffic.

“Mobility is a basic human and economic need. ÖBB is Austria’s largest mobility provider and top logistics provider in Europe. We have to act now and shift as many goods transports as possible off the road and onto rail. This not only saves CO2 and protects the climate, but also reduces noise and reduces accidents,” said RCG Board Spokesman Clemens Först.

The European freight railways

-) cause 12 times less external costs to society than the road

-) have a 6 times lower specific energy consumption

-) are 9 times better in terms of CO2 emissions on average in Europe – ÖBB’s rail freight transport in Austria causes even 21x less CO2 per carried tonne compared to transport by truck

-) are 8 times better in terms of air pollution

-) cause 85 times less traffic victims

-) are 5 times better in terms of noise pollution

Rail Freight Forward is an association of European rail freight companies that have set themselves the goal of drastically reducing both, the negative effects of freight transport to this planet, and mobility through innovation and a smarter transport mix. The association aims to increase the share of rail freight traffic in the mode split to 30 percent by 2030. Rail Freight Forward aims to involve railway companies, infrastructure managers and policy makers across Europe in the measures to achieve this shift of transport modes.

As a broad and growing association of rail freight companies, Rail Freight Forward is supported by the associations CER, UIC, ERFA and VDV. BLS Cargo, CD Cargo, CFL Cargo, DB Cargo, GreenCargo, Lineas, LTE Group, Mercitalia, East-West Logistics, PKP Cargo, Rail Cargo Group, SBB Cargo, SNCF Logistics, ZSSK Cargo are all involved.