More storage capacity with intermodal option by cargo-partner

Expansion in Dunajska Streda is part of the strategy to strengthen the position in global contract logistics business

More storage capacity with intermodal option by cargo-partner

In response to the good order situation, international transport and logistics provider cargo-partner has expanded its logistics facility in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia. Following the doubling of capacity to 14,200 m² in 2017, another 4,100 m² was added. The warehouse now offers 24,000 pallet spaces on a total area of 18,300 m².

cargo-partner is the only logistics provider in Slovakia with a warehouse with direct connection to the Metrans terminal and the associated extensive container handling center. The cross-dock hall has nine loading ramps, where consolidated containers can be directly loaded onto the train. The fastest intermodal route takes them to the seaports of Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Koper, Trieste and Rijeka.

The direct connection to the terminal area also allows delivering containers using stackers directly to cargo-partner’s Cross-Dock. This replaces last-mile trucking, which saves 1-2 days and eliminates transportation and customs fees. As part of the expansion, another 500 m² of administrative space and offices were created, and the workforce grew from 40 to 60 employees.

In addition to the nine container docks, twelve more loading docks are available in the older part of the building. The expansion adds ten stations, bringing the warehouse to a total of 31 different loading platforms. With the warehouse in Dunajska Streda, cargo-partner places an emphasis on the customer segments automotive, mechanical engineering and spare parts logistics.

According to cargo-partner, the new hall enables energy and cost-saving temperature control between 15 ° C and 25 ° C and is ideal for handling special transports with oversised loads. There is the advantage of direct access to the neighboring intermodal terminal, as some special transports by truck are subject to certain restrictions and associated logistical challenges.

cargo-partner currently operates two modern logistics facilities in Slovakia: in addition to the warehouse in Dunajska Streda, there is another location with a capacity of 14,000 pallet spaces on a total area of 8,200 m² in Bratislava.

The cargo-partner group is currently investing heavily to expand their global warehouse capacities. Other recently completed properties include the award-winning iLogistics Center in timber construction at the company headquarters in Fischamend near Vienna with a total area of over 12,200 m², the iLogistics Center with 16,500 m² warehouse space in the Bulgarian capital Sofia, new warehouse locations in Hamburg (4,900 m² ), Clarksville, Tennessee and Chicago, Illinois (both each 14,000 m²), as well as a 3,000 m² warehouse opened in the winter of 2018 in Hong Kong.

The construction of the iLogistics Center in Ljubljana (Slovenia) is proceeding according to plan. In the future, the new warehouse will offer more than 20,000 pallet spaces on more than 25,000 m². Completion is scheduled for the summer of 2019.