Hupac expands its intermodal network in Europe

To increase efficiency the terminals will be equipped with new technology for automated visual train inspection, identification and inventory

Hupac expands its intermodal network in Europe

Hupac starts the autumn 2018 with numerous new connections and service improvements. High frequency of departures, additional destinations and efficient terminal locations are the main drivers of the network development. 

From 1st October, departures will increase in the core business of intermodal transport via the Alps, and offer new capacity to the growing market demand.

  • Zeebrugge <=> Novara: frequency increase from 6 to 8 roundtrips per week, P400 semitrailers allowed
  • Köln Nord <=> Busto Arsizio: one additional departure, from 8 to 9 roundtrips per week
  • Basel Weil <=> Busto Arsizio: a growing connection, from 5 to 6 roundtrips per week.

 From 7th October, the Rotterdam <=> Kornwestheim shuttle will be shifted on Maasvlakte and offer a direct connection between the Port of Rotterdam and the industrial area of Stuttgart and Baden-Württemberg.

The network between Singen and Italy has been improved by concentrating the departures on the lines Singen <=> Busto Arsizio and Singen <=> Brescia. The offer now comprises 25 roundtrips per week.

  • Singen <=> Busto Arsizio with 14 roundtrips per week
  • Singen <=> Brescia with 11 roundtrips per week.

Important news can also be seen on the east-west corridor. Starting from 11 September, Antwerp has been connected to Vienna, Budapest, Romania and Istanbul based on regular schedules.

  • Antwerp <=> Vienna/Budapest: 2 roundtrips per week
  • Antwerp <=> Curtici-Ploiesti: 1 roundtrip per week
  • Antwerp <=> Halkali/Istanbul: 1 roundtrip per week.

Finally, Hupac strengthens its intermodal service between Antwerp and eastern Germany. As of 3 September, a new regular service connects Schkopau, and the frequency is increased on the route to Schwarzheide.

  • Antwerp <=> Schkopau: 3 roundtrips per week
  • Antwerp <=> Schwarzheide: 3 roundtrips per week.

Progress has also been made in the area of processes and digitalisation. Two rail portals with OCR technology have been installed in the Terminal Busto Arsizio for automated visual train inspection, identification and inventory – an important tool for handling the growing traffic volume efficiently. Other terminals will follow, according to the Hupac digitalisation strategy.

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