DPD continues to focus strongly on digitisation

During Advent, the company delivers up to 270,000 parcels throughout Austria; online trade brings additional volume during this peak season

DPD continues to focus strongly on digitisation Bild: DPD Austria

In the Christmas season, the booming internet trade is twice as strong. Packages that are to be placed under the Christmas tree on 24th December must be posted by 12 noon on 20th December at the latest. The last delivery day before Christmas is 23rd December. In package Shops the parcels can be picked up depending upon opening times also still on 24 December.

“In order to meet the requirements of our customers to the highest extent and to make our delivery staff’s work easier, there is only one goal-oriented solution: digitisation in all areas. We have been focusing on this for 20 years. Today, with www.myDPD.at, we offer our private customers a platform that enables them to manage their parcels flexibly and very individually,” says Rainer Schwarz, Managing Director of DPD Austria.

Over the past two years, DPD Austria has invested more than EUR 30 million in digitisation, freight space, transhipment space, conveyor technology, scheduled traffic and security. “Our drivers are equipped with software that creates optimal route planning and makes delivery even more efficient,” Rainer Schwarz adds.