DPD Austria: New depot for parcel logistics in Radstadt

Total investment of Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH amounts to EUR 5.5 million; new conveyor system with automated push stations

DPD Austria: New depot for parcel logistics in Radstadt Bild: Lagermax DPD

Lagermax Paketdienst GmbH has put a modern parcel logistics center into operation in Radstadt. On a total area of 15,100 m², the new building will help to handle the annual increase in shipment volumes in the B2B and B2C sectors.

The Radstadt site comprises 3,000 m² of hall space with a total of 10 loading bays for exit packages. Furthermore, the new plant has a 1,000 m² unloading head with six unloading telescopes – two of them fully automated, as well as adaptable ramps.

They also invested into a new parcel conveyor, which was equipped with two automated push stations and is operated unmanned to considerably speed up the parcel flow. The office space for administration and the central departments comprise a total of 600 m².

“What was decisive for the change of location from Flachau to Radstadt, was the option for extension, because the old location had reached its capacity limit”, explains Michael Eberl, managing director of Lagermax Paketdienst DPD. In addition, products such as Fashionet (textile logistics) and primetime are also handled at the new location.

In the middle of the industrial park, with direct access to the Ennstal highway, the new depot allows for extending the operating hours to 24/7. Especially at peak times such as in the run-up to Christmas or Easter Lagermax Paketdienst saw the strongest growth of shipment volumes of the whole year.

The steadily rising volumes of goods in the B2B and B2C sector could no longer be managed satisfactorily at the old depot in Flachau. After 24 years, the capacity was exhausted and no further expansion was possible. In the autumn business, up to 10,700 parcels were shipped daily on peak days at the old location in Flachau. For delivery, the parcel throughput was 12,500 shipments.

With the new building, the company set the course for its future. Currently, Lagermax DPD in Radstadt has about 60 employees.  58 tours daily serve the southern parts of Salzburg and parts of Upper Styria. In 2018, a total of 12.9 million shipments were handled at the four Lagermax Paketdienst locations, Obertrum am See, St. Veit an der Glan, Flachau and Sachsenburg – with an upward trend.

Lagermax Paketdienst has been a shareholder of DPD Austria since 1988 and part of the Lagermax group. The latter, with its business divisions freight forwarding, logistics, auto logistics, express and parcel services, is a partner of “Austrian Logistics” and generated total revenue of EUR 528 million in 2018 with 3,600 employees.