cargo-partner shows commitment to social responsibility

The international transport and logistics provider cargo-partner follows a comprehensive sustainability strategy

cargo-partner shows commitment to social responsibility

In the context of social sustainability, the company has been cooperating with Jugend Eine Welt – Don Bosco Aktion Austria on different aid projects for the past several years. One of these projects, which is being implemented from September 2014 to August 2016, is the support of a daycare center for Roma and Sinti children and their mothers in Nitra in Slovakia.

At the daycare center in Nitra for children aged 1 to 3 years, children and mothers are cared for by the Don Bosco Sisters. Mothers receive comprehensive health and family consultation, including basic skills in cooking, nutrition as well as household and finance management. Babies and children are educated in Slovak language – an important factor for integration which is often lacking in Roma and Sinti families.

The sisters work according to the principles of Montessori education and care for the children in close cooperation with the mothers. In the course of this experience, mothers form a stronger emotional bond with their children, which encourages them to commit to their children’s long-term development and motivate them to attend school regularly.

Stefan Krauter, CEO of cargo-partner, is grateful for this opportunity to give children from Roma and Sinti families the chance for a better and more independent life: “In my personal responsibility, I see future-oriented thinking for coming generations as an essential aspect of any business activity. For cargo-partner, social responsibility means the obligation to create sustainable improvements beyond national and cultural borders.”

cargo-partner is a privately owned, medium-sized, full-range logistics service provider with particular expertise in air and sea freight as well as information technology. The company based in Fischamend close to the Vienna airport was founded over 30 years ago and generated a turnover of EUR 540 million with 2,450 employees in 2015.;