cargo-partner: Foundation stone for iLogistics Center in Ljubljana

The newly built site will increase cargo-partner’s present storage space in Slovenia by six times

cargo-partner: Foundation stone for iLogistics Center in Ljubljana

International transport and info-logistics provider cargo-partner has begun the construction of a new logistics center in Ljubljana, Slovenia on 30 August. The new iLogistics Center will contain over 20,000 pallet slots on more than 25,000 m² of storage space and will also include a 6,000 m² small parts and single pick area, 5,000 m² of cross dock and block storage space and 4,000 m² of office space.

Located directly next to Ljubljana Airport, approximately 20 minutes from the city center, the iLogistics Center will offer a direct connection to the motorway (A2). With 44 truck docks, the facility is well equipped for daily pick-up and distribution from and to the surrounding area.

Other recent logistics investments by cargo-partner include the timber-based iLogistics Center at the company’s headquarters in Fischamend, Austria, with a total area of over 12,200 m², as well as the iLogistics Center in Sofia, Bulgaria, with 16,500 m² of storage space, both of which took up operations in spring 2018.