Alexander van der Bellen visits Schachinger Logistik

„Political spotlight“ on Schachinger Logistik’s strategy of sustainable industry logistics

Alexander van der Bellen visits Schachinger Logistik

Last week Dr. Alexander van der Bellen visited Schachinger Logistik’s multimodal logistics park in Hörsching/Linz, Upper Austria. Accompanied by his election campaign team, the candidate for the election of the Austrian Federal President visited the model company and was pleased with Schachinger Logistik’s clear commitment to sustainability.

Ing. Franz Haiden showed the visitors around the multiple award-winning wood logistics facility LT1 run by the subsidiary Schachinger marken & frische. The facility shows the logistics industry’s need for innovations, and proves ecology and economy do not exclude each other.

The use of exclusively renewable raw material for LT1 and the energy efficient construction method of the building, as well as adhering to social and aesthetic criteria had been crucial for the positive recognition of van der Bellen.