ZV urges for further support of infrastructure, transport and logistics

The Central Association of Forwarding & Logistics (ZV) appeals to Austria’s next government to consistently implement the initiatives initiated by Ministry of Transport

ZV urges for further support of infrastructure, transport and logistics Bild: ÖVZ - Jörg Uckermann

As an independent association representing the interests of the transport industry in Austria, the Central Association for Forwarding & Logistics (ZV) countes the media critique on the transport policy of the last government formed by the parties ÖVP / FPÖ and urges the future government to continue the measures planned on a national level and established in the last government program in the area of infrastructure, transport and logistics. The recently deposed government was the first to include important logistical issues in its program, but many projects couled not be implemented.

Alexander Friesz, President of the Association, comments on the situation: “Today we are at a crossroads. According to the World Bank Index, Austria has become the fourth-best logistics location in the world in 2018. If we want to maintain and expand this outstanding position, we must press ahead towards the goal we have set. The ambitions of the past government on the subject of logistics can be evaluated very positively. The future government is called upon to quickly implement many of the measures announced in order to secure Austria’s logistics and thus a business location sustainable future conditions. “

Basically, the ZV demands the nationwide regulation for the dedication of logistics space, the 5G expansion and the improvement of the customs location, which is crucial for all sectors and sectors. The “Austrian Logistics” brand, which was launched together with the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (BMViT), also needs to be positioned firmly.