ZV Landesgruppe Kärnten on a visit in the port of Trieste

Both, Carinthian shippers and the port of Trieste industry, express their interest in a close cooperation

ZV Landesgruppe Kärnten on a visit in the port of Trieste

Following the invitation of the forwarders of the Port of Trieste and the Trieste Chamber of Commerce, the ZV Landesgruppe Kärnten (Carinthian department of the Central Association of Forwarding and Logistics) visited the port of Trieste on 28 October. The full-day tour of the facilities in the port, as well as an insight into the port operations were very interesting and informative to the Carinthian forwarders. A great number of contacts have been made there.

What has been most impressive, was especially the joint efforts of the port operator together with the operators and forwarders to jointly develop the business and create an optimal infrastructure through investments of all parties involved. The goal was to enhance the experiences and impressions within the Zentralverband Spedition & Logistik, to perform further cooperation on a wider scale, announced the team of Gerhard Traussnig, Chairman of the ZV Kärnten.