Zumtobel is increasingly using the Gebrüder Weiss services

The two companies are combined by their quest for quality leadership in their respective market segments

Zumtobel is increasingly using the Gebrüder Weiss services

The cooperation between Gebrüder Weiss and the lighting company Zumtobel Group experienced an enlargement involving the majority of distribution logistics for the Zumtobel brand from Vorarlberg to Eastern Europe last year. Accoring to a press release, the decisive factor for this step was the high quality of service and the flexibility in challenging delivery conditions, for example on construction sites, in terms of forward transactions or when it comes to transports with excess length.

“We have known Gebrüder Weiss for a long time. The relationship of trust which we have built up over the years makes processes run smoothly and that is exactly what is important to us. Of course, it is also a great advantage that the two corporate groups are geographically close together. Short routes, fast agreements – we really appreciate these things,” says Helmut Kuhlmann, Director of Logistics at Zumtobel Lighting GmbH.

Gebrüder Weiss is a logistics partner of the three internationally successful brands Zumtobel, Tridonic and Thorn, who are all part of the lighting company, Zumtobel Group. Transport orders are handled in Europe, Asia and Australia – by land, air and sea.

For Tridonic, Gebrüder Weiss is responsible not only for the entire warehouse logistics at the Lauterach location, but also in the Asian cities of Singapore and Shanghai. There, the entire warehouse infrastructure is being converted according to European standards, from paperless picking to packing and transport. State-of-the-art IT systems ensure that the data flow is secure and guarantee consistently high quality for all warehouse management and handling processes.

“Our two companies have already been doing business for over three decades. In the area of land transport, we have increased our operations over the last few years, for example in Italy and the United Kingdom. We are delighted to be able to cover the route to Eastern Europe, too, where we have a strong network of our own,” says Michael Wohlgenannt, Branch Manager of Gebrüder Weiss Lauterach.

The Zumtobel Group, headquartered in Dornbirn (Vorarlberg), is an international lighting group and a leader in innovative lighting solutions and light components. In the luminaire business, the company is the European market leader with the brands Thorn, Zumtobel and acdc. The Austrian Group currently employs 6,761 people and achieved revenuess of around EUR 1.36 billion in 2015/16.

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