Wildenhofer Transport und Logistik approved as AEO

The AEO status is attached to extensive requirements in terms of reliability, solvency and the history of compliance with the relevant laws

Wildenhofer Transport und Logistik approved as AEO

As of August 30, 2016 Wildenhofer Spedition und Transport GmbH with its headquarters in Salzburg is approved as AEO (Authorized Economic Operator). An “Authorized Economic Operator” is defined in article 1, number 12 of the European Union’s Customs Code Implementing Provisions (CCIP) as an audited company enjoying certain privileges in customs logistics.

The AEO quality seal has been awarded to only a few companies in Austria. This allows Wildenhofer Spedition und Transport GmbH to benefit from certain advantages across the EU, including the following:

-) Easier access to customs simplifications, since criteria that have already been examined when granting the AEO, status will not be re-examined;

-) Fewer physical customs checks and inspections of documents than for other economic operators with the exception of the controls relating to security measures; priority treatment during inspections;

-) the company can apply to be examined at another place than the customs office involved;

-) Central customs clearance in the other Member States of the European Union.

The transport and logistics division of the Wildenhofer corporate group sees itself as a full service provider in the forwarding sector. The company is specialising in providing services for cooled brand products and foodstuff. This includes solutions for both trade and industry.