Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo expanding their locomotive fleet

Up to six new electric locomotives with Last Mile-feature will be added to the fleet of the cargo railway enterprise

Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo expanding their locomotive fleet

A total of three new electric Bombardier locomotives of the “TRAXX AC3” series were recently added to the fleet of Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo (WLC). Since the end of 2017, the first new electric locomotive with last-mile function has been in use. In February and April of this year one each was delivered. In total, up to six new electric locomotives “TRAXX AC3” will enlarge the fleet.

The TRAXX AC Last Mile locomotive has an innovative auxiliary diesel engine as well as a traction battery and a remote control for shunting operations.Together, these systems enable the efficient bridging of non-electrified track sections with a seamless transition from electric to diesel operation and vice versa. 

This is of particular advantage in areas such as ports, terminals, storage areas or industrial facilities. Supporting diesel shunting locomotives often have to be used in order to be able to bridge the last non-electrified section, or Last Mile. According to a press release of WLC, the TRAXX AC3-locomotive offers further advantages through its superior traction, high quality and improved software structure, which ensures high reliability, low energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Wiener Lokalbahnen Cargo, an international player in rail freight transport, mainly organises block train services in combined transport and wagonload traffic. The company pays particular attention to the flexible and efficient processing of its services.