WienCont moves up a gear in truck handling

SelfCheck-IN for truck drivers; Terminal Operating Management System registers load units/trucks as soon as they enter the terminal

WienCont moves up a gear in truck handling

At the WienCont site in the Freudenau port of Vienna, more investments will be made in upgrading the truck handling area. The trimodal container terminal will be equipped with a state-of-the-art photo-IN-gate system, which will enables quicker and seamless handling of trucks.

A newly developed Terminal Operating Management System (TOM), specially tailored to the WienCont terminal, the numbers of the loading units or the license plate of the truck is registered by an OCR-photo-gate (optical character recognition) at the entrance to the terminal.

A specially developed application allows to anticipate the truck and load in advance. The driver can log in at the SelfCheck-IN kiosk and is automatically assigned to the respective truck stop. The Self-Check-IN is available in nine different languages.

The outgoing trucks are again digitally scanned with high resolution and compared with the stored system data. Trucks can only leave the terminal with an exact match of the data.