Wattaul GmbH brings the Vision Run on the road

“Trucks powered by Wattaul“ carry the message of the Vision Run across Austria

Wattaul GmbH brings the Vision Run on the road

Since a few days ago, “companies in movement” is one more thing that Wattaul GesmbH based in Pöchlarn and the idea of the Vision Run – one of the biggest company runs with social commitment – have in common. In the course of the weekly Wattaul run, the “Vision (Run) Trucks powered by Wattaul“ were handed over to the organising committee on 25 May to support their marketing campaigns. Until 1 September, the day of the third Vision Run in St. Pölten, Lower Austria seven trucks will carry the message of the Vision Run throughout Austria.

Franz Kaiblinger, Chairman Sport Vision and the entire OK team were glad to hear during the presentation that the Vision Run was the trigger for the weekly run at the Wattaul company. It is very pleasing that this is no one-time action, but was also continued during winter, every week.

Just the regular exercise brings more for health and wellbeing, said Franz Kaiblinger. Also he can see and feel how great a role the areas of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and BGF played (WHP) in Wattaul. That is exactly what the Vision Run stands for.

Jochen Wattaul confirmed that they were thinking the same way. “I am looking forward to enhance our cooperation with Vision Run and seize the resulting synergies. With this cooperation, we want to emphasise on our commitment and make it visible. This will be a cool thing!“ There were concrete plans for further joint activities – details were not disclosed yet.

„Vision Run – Gemma’s an“ (Vision Run – Let’s go) will be the motto of the third Vision Run starting on 1 September at the NV Arena in St. Pölten. Like in the past two years, apart from the Run & Walk competitions, there will also be a snacking mile, health and fit mile, attractive shows and a EUR 10  donation included in the start fee, that will guarantee a great evening for all participants and visitors.

www.visionrun.at; www.wattaul.com