Vienna opens residents’ parking for small carriers / parcel delivery

From December 1st, 2018, loading and service stops will be allowed on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Vienna opens residents’ parking for small carriers / parcel delivery

A long demanded relief for delivery drivers in Vienna will soon come into force. In the future, small carriers with the respective number plates may use the parking areas reserved for residents, as the Vienna Economic Chamber announced in a press release on 12th October.

The parking will be opened for commercial transport from 1st December 2018. From this date, vehicles of parcel companies, small transport companies, crafts and businesses as well as vehicles that come from social institutions, will be allowed to park there on weekdays from 8 to 4 o’clock for loading and services.

“Today is a good day for the transport industry. From December, parcel companies and the like will be able to stop on residents’ parkings,” says Davor Sertic, Chairman of the Transport division at the Vienna Economic Chamber. He was pleased that Vice Mayor Maria Vassilakou had followed the proposals of the industry and had implemented the parking permit for entrepreneurs with the respective number plates. The provision was already published in the latest official journal of the city of Vienna.

The parking permit gives Davor Sertic opportunities for additional trips and reduce downtime. This saves also the customers’ money.

“Reserving parking areas for the residents without enabling delivery services to use them, would have been absurd. After all, the point is that ordered goods can be delivered without the deliverers driving in circles looking for a parking. The fact that they can now use the residents’ parking makes work a lot easier,” Katarina Pokorny, head of the department for small carriers and chairwoman for the transport division of the association SWV Wien, emphasises in a press release. However, she rejects a general opening of the residents’ parking.

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