Venz GmbH and Muth GmbH testing Mobile Checklists

SIS Informatik’s smartphone app with cloud connection can be used from a truck in the future

Venz GmbH and Muth GmbH testing Mobile Checklists

SIS Informatik as developer and thinkport Vienna in the role of “enabler” launched the piloting of a new checklist app for the mobile departure control of trucks on 7 December. The test series, which will take six months, is based on a cooperation with the transport companies Venz GmbH (based in Hagenbrunn, Lower Austria) and Muth GmbH (Leobersdorf, Lower Austria).

In the pilot project, control points in the form of barcodes are attached at relevant positions of tractors and semi-trailers. After inserting the driver card, the truck drivers must prove they have done the check tour by using a smartphone and read the barcodes at the checkpoints. This ensures that a control tour was actually made before each trip.

The proof of this is for internal documentation and external communication. As a result, fleet managers can minimise the risk of deficiencies in traffic controls and optimise the quality assurance of their fleet.

Each check contains different checkpoints to avoid a routine in the check. Individual trucks can be assigned their own checklists. The checklists are stored and can be viewed by the responsible fleet manager for a period of 100 days.

In the trial phase, four trucks (tractor and semitrailer) are equipped with barcodes and a practical test is carried out. In a second stage, additional or extended technical components should follow. The responsible persons of the companies Venz and Muth expect the smartphone app to contribute to shorter spot checks and thus longer operating times for the trucks.

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