TX Logistik AG opens new department for spot transports

The initial focus of the railway logistics company is on providing transport solutions for the block train segment

TX Logistik AG opens new department for spot transports

TX Logistik AG (TXL) now also accepts short term spot transports for rail customers with immediate effect. Therefore the rail logistics company has created a new division at the beginning of the year, which will be expanded gradually.

“We have observed a significant demand for spot train services in recent years,” says Christian Runkel, in charge of the new business segment of TXL. “Therefore, we have now expanded our range of services,” he adds.

The operational start of the new department was in January. In the initial stage the focus will be on spot transports in the block train segment. Christian Runkel: “In the medium term, we want to implement this offer also for wagon groups.”

However, there are no restrictions for the spot trades – both containers and trailers, as well as bulk goods are accepted for national and international transport. The service is based on existing relations, but TXL will also establish new routes.

“A spot business often develops into a future regular business,” says Christian Runkel. “So we can expand our network and offer our customers even more solutions.”

TX Logistik sees great potential, particularly in classic conventional bulk goods: Due to strong volume fluctuations it is already a challenge today, to integrate these activities into a regular weekly system, the company explains in a press release.

Also in terms of container transports, the demand for spot transports are increasing. Demand and volumes are rising, because the size of container ships is increasing, while they need to be handled increasingly on short notice. Christian Runkel: “Even weather-related factors such as the recent low water on the Rhine drive the demand.”