TKL Supply Chain makes a major investment in Vienna

The deep-freeze logistics centre in Kagran, Vienna will be expanded by 8,000 to 25,000 pallet spaces by the end of August

TKL Supply Chain makes a major investment in Vienna

At the end of August, the additional building, which has been budgeted with a total investment of EUR 8 million, will be completed. As motivation for the expansion project, Wilhelm Leithner, the managing partner of TKL Supply Chain GmbH, names the increasing diversity of manufacturers of frozen food products, the organic growth of existing customers and new business relationships.

However, there are also things in the capital of Vienna that absolutely require improvement. As such, Wilhelm Leithner underlines the urgently necessary completion of the second bypass ring around the capital (Lobautunnel). TKL’s cargo distribution center in Hermann-Gebauer-Straße in Kagran, Vienna sends 45 daily delivery trucks to Vienna and the surrounding area. The majority of the vehicles is regularly facing traffic congestion at Vienna’s metropolitan motorway Südosttangente. As a result, TKL Supply Chain is burdened by considerable time and cost increases.

The entrepreneur also sees an enormous challenge in the inner city loading zones, since there are to few of them available. Moreover, if there are private vehicles parking in these zones, the refrigerated transports often have to circle around the block before the offenders make way.

TKL Supply Chain GmbH offers a comprehensive service in the area of warehousing and distribution logistics throughout Austria, with 430 employees at three warehouses (around 230 in Vienna) and 15 transhipment sites. 185 owned multi-temperature-capable delivery vehicles are available for fine distribution and 50 semitrailers of forwarding partners are used for macro distribution. Generating annual turnover of EUR 73 million, TKL Supply Chain is one of the medium-sized companies in Austria.