The logistics industry has a weak position in the field of digitisation

Only in every fifth logistics company 80 percent or more business processes are organised digitally

The logistics industry has a weak position in the field of digitisation

The current degree of digitisation in the logistics sector is still expandable: compared with other sectors, it is ranked tenth and hence last in the ranking of the ten economic sectors surveyed. This is the result of the study “Industry Atlas Digital Transformation” conducted by the Digital Intelligence Institute on behalf of the D.velop Group.

According to the survey, the biggest deficits in the logistics sector can be found in the strategic area. Only 18 percent of the polled logistics companies attach strategic value to the digital transformation. For the rest, it is unclear who is driving the strategic development and who is in charge of it. The continued broad use of paper documents is also an obstacle to digital transformation. Only one in five logistics companies has digitised 80 percent or more of its business processes and free of media breaks.

Furthermore, the companies’ willingness to invest in digital business models is not particularly pronounced. Only 17 percent currently earmarked additional funding for digital transformation projects.

The companies in the information and communication technology sector are the leaders in digitalisation. Banks and insurances, the media and entertainment industry follow with a clear distance, followed by the electronics industry.