TazyTrans opens business expansion in Ennsbach

Lower Austria: A new warehouse was built for EUR 3 million and the office space was expanded

TazyTrans opens business expansion in Ennsbach

The expansion of the cooperation with the main customer Welser Profile from Ybbsitz made the investment at TazyTrans, a company of the Reder Group, necessary. The customer from the steel industry not only moves large transport volumes from the factory to customers via TazyTrans, but will increasingly handle temporary storage and order picking via the Ennsbach warehouse in the future.

For this purpose, the new hall with an area of 3,000 m² will be equipped with a gantry crane with magnetic traverses and an additional electric side loader for optimum handling. It is therefore state-of-the-art in storage and picking technology. In addition, the storage areas and outdoor facilities are adapted and re-asphalted. Remodeling work is also carried out in the office building, for example, an additional entrance is created. The time window for the construction works is very narrow. They have started in mid-June, completion is scheduled for late October, by November, the warehouse must be operational.

Overall, the order situation and the course of business at TazyTrans are quite good and the integration into the Reder Group is progressing step by step. In cooperation with Hannes Gahleitner as the primary bearer of responsibility a cost accounting sysrem was established among other things. In order to be able to cover the extended operation in terms of staff, personnel for warehouse management is needed and the dispo-team is expanded.


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