Talke leases 150 new semi-trailer units from Mercedes-Benz

The company is one of the leading international logistics service providers for the chemical and petrochemical industries

Talke leases 150 new semi-trailer units from Mercedes-Benz

Chemical logistics specialist Talke is adding 150 state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz Actros semi-trailer tractor units to its fleet. The new vehicles are being leased with a full service package and are scheduled to be delivered to the logistics specialist’s European sites over the next three years – the first 70 of which in 2018. 

All of the tractors are equipped with the latest generation of safety assistant systems. The cabs feature above-average levels of comfort, making them especially appealing workplaces for the drivers. “Safety has always been our top priority. Our customers quite rightly expect and trust that Talke always uses the appropriate equipment for transporting and handling their goods. Acquisition of the new state-of-the-art vehicles ensures we remain faithful to our principles and keep our fleet up to date”, explains Peter Viebig, Transport Director at Talke.

Talke ordered the Safety Package from Mercedes Benz for all 150 vehicles, which includes Distance Control Assist, Attention Assist, Lane-keeping Assist, Stability Control Assist (ESP), and the latest generation of the emergency brake assist system, “Active Brake Assist 4”. This slows the vehicle to a standstill when a hazard, such as obstacles or the end of a traffic jam, is detected and even recognises pedestrians on the carriageway. Depending on the vehicle class, the trucks are also equipped with Sideguard Assist that recognises pedestrians and cyclists.

Placing the order was the culmination of an exhaustive selection process. Last autumn, six manufacturers demonstrated their semi-trailer tractors at Talke’s head office in Hürth near Cologne. Talke factored in the feedback received from its drivers when evaluating the vehicles. “We took the drivers’ wishes into account when we first started drawing up the specifications and ordered certain equipment and features on their recommendation too”, explains Mirco Sievers, Head of the Fleet Management & Workshop Business Unit. 

Consequently, the cabs will be equipped with a premium mattress rather than the standard bunk, for example. Where technically possible, the cabs are also being equipped with the “Solo Star Concept”, which features a flat floor and a generous “living room” on the passenger side. There is even standing room in the cabs of tractors intended for shorter stretches too, giving the drivers plenty of space to get changed and spend their breaks in comfort.

“We’re well aware that our drivers have a strenuous job and bear a great deal of responsibility in addition. Because of this, we made the conscious decision to make their time on the road as comfortable as possible”, explains Mirco Sievers. “We’re also convinced that offering attractive working conditions behind the wheel will serve as an additional argument for drivers to work at  our company.”

Talke has more than 3,600 employees in Europe, the Middle East, India, China and the USA. The core competencies of the company, which was founded in 1947, include the transport, storage and handling of hazardous and harmless materials in all aggregate states.