Streck Transport: First hybrid vehicle for short-distance transport

As part of its Blue Logistics initiative Streck Transport is making a further contribution to reducing the environmental impact

Streck Transport: First hybrid vehicle for short-distance transport

This modern eco-friendly, low-emission, yet economical vehicle is a 7.5 tonnes truck with hybrid drive, combining an electric motor and a combustion engine. A 2 kWh a lithium-ion battery supplies the electric motor, the required energy is recovered during braking, or generated by the combustion engine.

When starting up and accelerating, the electric motor assists the combustion engine. Combined with the automatic start-stop system, this can considerably reduce fuel consumption. During a dedicated test week, the average fuel consumption was 10 liters per 100 kilometers. By comparison, a 7.5 tonnes truck with normal driving consumes about 18 liters per 100 kilometers.

In daily operation, the Fuso brand vehicle is mainly used in the urban area of Freiburg, where it can fully exploit these advantages in city traffic, wich requires many braking and acceleration processes. The truck is mainly driven by the professional driver apprentices. Thus, apart from a Peugeot Boxer, another high-quality and modern vehicle is available for practical training. Both vehicles enable apprentices to drive tours independently or in a team of 2 at an early stage in their education.

Streck Transportgesellschaft mbH is a German freight forwarding and logistics company with headquarters in Lörrach, Baden-Württemberg. The company employs approximately 1,200 persons at 19 locations in Germany and Switzerland.