Significantly more cargo handling in Ennshafen

New loading platform at Fixkraft fodder terminal; again deliveries with Donaubargen to the company Lithos

Significantly more cargo handling in Ennshafen

The year 2017 was for the Ennshafen “in the overall situation very satisfactory”. Due to weather conditions, the volume of water/ land transhipment was very low at the beginning of the year, but due to the continued good handling performance, the previous year’s volume of 679,000 tonnes was exceeded by 14 per cent. This emerges from the freshly printed “Hafen Journal” of the EHG Ennshafen GmbH. Significant increases were achieved, especially in the grain, fertilizer and oilseed goods categories.

The handling facilities in Ennshafen are constantly expanding their operational facilities to meet the growing demands of the economy. In autumn, the newly built loading platform was handed over to the company Fixkraft-Futtermittel.

The two top-selling settlers – Danubia Speicherei and Fuchshuber Agrarhandel – continue to operate successfully at the Ennshafen site. Business settlement at the business parks is continuing well, as are the businesses at Container Terminal Enns. A new direct trade to the port of Piraeus/Greece and digitized processes ensure greater variety and efficiency in the logistics processes. 

Following an inland waterway break, in November 2017, several Danube barges emanating from Rotterdam, fully loaded with talc, arrived at the Lithos Industrial Minerals GmbH plant. In cooperation with the neighbouring trans-shipment company Fuchshuber Agrarhandel GmbH, the barges were unloaded by crane and two wheel loaders.