Siemens plant in Weiz: Special transfer to the USA

151 tonnes weighing transformer “Made in Styria” travels from Linz to the North Sea using river shipping

Siemens plant in Weiz: Special transfer to the USA

The Siemens transformer plant in Weiz delivers the two hundredth transformer to the US enterprise Southern Company. This was celebrated in an event on October 18, 2017 together with the customer and employees.

The large transformer with a capacity of 300 megavolt amperes (MVA) is delivered to Georgia, where it will be used for energy distribution between the 115 kilovolt (kV) and the 230 kV network. With a total of 151 tonnes, it weighs about as much as 60 American pick-up trucks.

The magnetic core of the transformer consists of more than 15,000 individual core plates, each 0.23 millimeter thick and laid in top of each other by hand. The sheets would cover an area of more than 20,000 square meters, which corresponds to four American football fields.

The transformer is transported by train from Weiz to Linz, where it will be loaded onto a Danube barge. Afterwards the transport continues by sea to the North Sea and across the Atlantic to the USA. All in all, the 200th transformer will be traveling for more than two months before it will reach its destination in Georgia.