“Serious interventions in roads transport in Nickelsdorf”

Road hauliers criticise intolerable conditions due to the controls at the Austrian border with Hungary

“Serious interventions in roads transport in Nickelsdorf”

Since start of this week, there have been intolerable conditions in the form of kilometers of traffic jams and hours of waiting times for drivers at the border crossing in Nickelsdorf, both for entry and when leaving Hungary, reports Franz Danninger, Chairman of the Goods Transport Association in the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

“We respect that, against the background of combating illegal immigrant smuggling, more border controls are carried out. However, what we do not understand, are such severe interventions in goods traffic, that mean massive downtimes to truck drivers and complete chaos in their tour schedule. None of the persons in charge asks about the costs arising for the entrepreneurs, let alone who would compensate for these costs,” complains Franz Danninger.

Once again the stakeholders are urging for actions such as as designated truck lanes at the border crossings or more flexible driving and rest periods, given these particular circumstances. This would defuse and mitigate these situations both for drivers and companies,” Franz Danninger made an appeal to politicians.