SCM research elite met at the Logistikum of the FH OÖ in Steyr

At the FH OÖ Campus Steyr 20 researchers from around the world discussed the issue of “risk in supply Networks”

SCM research elite met at the Logistikum of the FH OÖ in Steyr

From 7th to 9th September 20 international researchers concentrated on how to predict, minimize and manage the risk in supply networks, at the FH OÖ Campus Steyr. Following the invitation of Styrian FH-Professor Dr. Markus Berger Gersch they are came to the 16th ‘International Research Seminar on Supply Chain Risk Management (ISCRiM)’ to present their latest research results and to discuss future joint research projects.

In connection with ISCRiM renowned universities were represented with very topical issues at the FH OÖ Campus in Steyr. The presentations ranged from for example ‘Supply Disruptions’ by Christoph Bode (University of Mannheim) up to ‘Covert Supply Chains’ by George A. Zsidisin from the Virginia Commonwealth University.

The ‘International Supply Chain Risk Management’ network meets once a year to exchange experiences on new developments and research results in the field. This year’s meeting was already the 16th.

The group of ISCRiM members include renowned researchers and scientists from Cranfield University, the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and the Copenhagen Business School. SCM Professor Dr. Markus Gersch Berger is the only Austrian ISCRiM representative.