ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) boost transports with DB Cargo

DB Cargo is one of the major service providers in SFL’s Rail 17 transport network with a total transport volume of 1.9 million tonnes

ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) boost transports with DB Cargo

DB Cargo and ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) upgraded their transport agreement to 1.2 million tonnes of paper annually from Sweden to Central and South-Eastern Europe. DB Cargo is additionally transporting about 12,000 wagonloads of return cargo for SFL to Sweden, mainly for customers in the consumer goods industry.

“We are looking forward to being a reliable partner for SFL in the future, as we have been in the past,” says Dr. Jürgen Wilder, Chairman of the DB Cargo Management Board. “We have succeeded in convincing SFL and its owners with our flexible European single-wagon network.” he adds. The new contract runs up to 2019.

The Landshut railway station in Bavaria has particular importance in the transport network for Rail17: it is the hub for the 5,000 freight wagons per year arriving from Sweden on a variety of trains loaded with paper. In Landshut, they are sorted and regrouped. Then they depart to Italy in a block train – six times per week.

“We have extended the contract with one of the most effective and reliable providers of European rail transport services with the task of handling our continental paper flows and backloads south of Malmö. DB Cargo has the necessary network in Europe and the experience to developithem further,” says SFL’s CEO, Mats Erkén.

ScandFibre Logistics is a transport and logistics company, specialising in rail transports for the Swedish pulp and paper industry. BillerudKorsnäs, a Swedish paper producer, ist the main shareholder of the company.;