Saco launches LCL rail service to China

Cargo delivery is offered to stations in Vienna, Linz, Bremen or Hamburg

Saco launches LCL rail service to China

Saco Shipping based in Hamburg announced in a press release the launch of the first neutral LCL service from Europe to China. The first departure from Hamburg to Suzhou will be on Friday 5 August 2016. The advantages of the new service are described as follows:

–       Cargo delivery to Vienna, Linz, Bremen or Hamburg

–       weekly departures

–       shorter transit time as by ocean and a good pricing alternative to airfreight

–       various post-carriage options available, e.g. Ningbo, Wenzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Chengdu, Shanghai

–       booking via the online platform as usual

Saco Shipping with locations in several European countries – including one location in Vienna – counts among the pioneers in independent imports and exports business. As a neutral NVOCC with a global agency network the enterprise connects countries and markets – by sea, land and air.