Rotterdam: Growing rail transport to CEE destinations

Metrans shuttle now serving the routes to/from Prague and Dunajská Streda seven times a week

Rotterdam: Growing rail transport to CEE destinations

Since the start of service in 2011, John Blesgraaf, Customer Services Manager of the Rail Service Center Rotterdam, has seen a rise in the cargo volume to and from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The transit time of the train to Prague is about 24 hours. The types of goods are very diverse: chemicals, electronics, healthcare, food, sometimes bulk.

Most goods are so-called continental goods. This means these goods come from, or are destined for, warehouses or factories in the Netherlands. In addition there is 15 percent short sea transport, whereas aeep sea demand is relatively low.

On half the occasions, the train continues from Prague to the Czech Cesá Trebova. From Treda, there are connecting trains to Austria, Hungary and Slovenia.