Rostock Port: Continuously stable port handling

The volume of goods from all Rostock ports in the first half of the year was just below the very high level of the previous year

Rostock Port: Continuously stable port handling

On September 28, Rostock Port GmbH organized a “Rostock harbor evening” in Linz. Together with eleven shipping companies, ship brokers and transhipment companies, the Rostock Port presented the service spectrum of the Rostock Port to more than 30 entrepreneurs from the transport and logistics sector in Upper Austria.

Among other things, it was announced that 14.8 million tonnes of goods were transhipped in the port of Rostock in the first half of 2017. The lion’s share was achieved by the overseas port with 13.9 million tonnes. A further 900,000 tonnes were loaded in other Rostock port facilities, such as the chemical port Lara as well as the freight and fishing port.

With 13.9 million tonnes of goods transhipped in the overseas port, the previous year’s result was exactly matched. The rolling cargo of the ferry and RoRo traffic accounted for 8 million tonnes as in the previous year.

At the Terminal for Combined Transport (CT), 34 intermodal trains run from and to Verona (13), Hamburg (5), Karlsruhe (5), Brno (6), Duisburg (4) and Wels (1). In the first half of 2017, the number of units handled at the CT terminal increased from 38,351 in the prior-year period to 43,066 load units and thus by 12 percent.

“The development in Combined Transport is mixed this year. The shift of the Novara trin in the second quarter of 2017 will have a dampening effect on the CT volumes during the rest of the year. We continue to work with partners to consolidate individual relationships and expand new CT connections. Many CT connections develop positively, in particular the relation Rostock-Brno “, so Dr. Gernot Tisch, Managing Director of Rostock Port GmbH.