Rigips relies on RCG’s booking system KAPA

Following the successful transport of plasterboard from Austria to Switzerland, the system is planned to be used on further routes

Rigips relies on RCG’s booking system KAPA

Transparent delivery times, secure wagon positioning and a fixed transport time have convinced Saint-Gobain Rigips Austria to put its faith in the RCG transport booking system KAPA. The transportation of plasterboard started in Bad Aussee, Styria at the production plant of the traditional manufacturer of plasterboard. The shipment was loaded via its own private railway siding directly in the plant. The plasterboard was then transported smoothly and precisely on schedule with end-to-end tracking to the customer’s warehouse – also with siding – in Wildegg, Switzerland.

The information transparency convinced the customer to introduce this system as standard. Other routes and extensions to other countries are being planned.

The RCG KAPA-capacity management system offers two standardised Service levels: PRIME and ECO. Based on a clearly defined service commitment, customers benefit hugely when it comes to ordering and processing. There is the option, for example, to order empty wagons with the booking of full shipments. In addition to that, measurable quality criteria are improved and the supply of wagons is optimised, providing the groundwork of planning for customers.