Record Christmas volume in the company history of DPD Austria

The boom in digital parcel services in the days before Christmas might be followed by a new volume record of returns

Record Christmas volume in the company history of DPD Austria

DPD Austria – Austria’s leading private parcel service – can look back on its most successful Christmas business in the company history. Never before more parcels were transported in the weeks before Christmas than in December 2016. Altogether there were more than 3.8 million shipments. The peak was reached on December 9th, with almost 260,000 parcels DPD carried in Austria. Compared to parcel volumes in December of the previous year, the company recorded a volume growth of almost nine percent.

In 2016 DPD’s Christmas business was more than ever in the sign of digital parcel receipt and shipping services. In December 2016 the DPD Navigator, an online platform to redirect parcels, counted 207,000 hits – which is three times as many as in the same period of the previous year.

The most popular redirecting option during the Christmas period was the authorization to deposit a parcel. This allows recipients – also online – to have their shipment deposited at a safe place, e.g. in the garage or garden shed. Also the delivery to a DPD Pickup parcelshop was very popular, and is now available nationwide with over 1,200 parcel drop and collection stations in Austria.

The number of parcel returns increased significantly in December 2016. DPD expects a further increase in the number of returns to mid-January. In January of this year DPD expects up to 30 percent more returns than in an average month. The background is the booming e-commerce: In the B2C segment there are very high return rates for individual product groups – for example fashion and clothing.