Prangl performs a further heavy lift for MedAustron

The magnet for the particle accelerator, which was lifted into place in 2015, was moved by Prangl again

Prangl performs a further heavy lift for MedAustron

In the future, an innovative form of radiation therapy can be offered at the MedAustron site in Wiener Neustadt. There are only three facilities in the world which compare to this one. Almost EUR 200 million have been invested in the cancer treatment and research centre.

Since the magnet lifted into place in September 2015 by Prangl it was not delivering the desired Performance. Therefore it had to be removed again. To allow its weight of 120 tonnes to be moved properly, a 600-tonne crawler crane was used. The magnet was placed on a purpose-built support frame and rotated by 90 degrees.

After the heavy lift and the rotation manoeuvre, the magnet was dismantled – with the assistance of a 250 tonne telescopic crane. The heaviest individual components then weighed only 54 tonnes.

After final assembly, the magnet was rotated back to its original position by the two cranes and finally lifted into place by the 600 tonne crawler crane through the insertion opening in the roof.;