Prangl move and lift West Styria’s landmark

The Köflach town tower was transported from the town hall to a roundabout and erected there prominently

Prangl move and lift West Styria’s landmark

Köflach has a new landmark. The tower, which previously stood beside the town hall, was placed in the centre of a roundabout on the B70 road. Prangl was exclusively tasked with both the special transportation and the lifting work.

The tower was lifted from its previous home and placed on a 25 metre long low-loader with the help of a 200 tonne telescopic crane. The vehicle then moved through the narrow streets of the Köflach town centre at walking pace. A large part of the route was completed in reverse gear.

Neither the weight of the tower (15 tonnes) nor the length of the transportation fittings were the real challenge here. It was in fact the overall height of almost 11 metres that demanded the highest levels of concentration and precision from the whole team. Nonetheless, the tower was transported in one piece and upright. In order to reduce the risk of tipping, the ground clearance of the low-loader was reduced to around one centimetre. Every steering movement was critical due to the high centre of gravity.

A little additional tension was provided by one or two of the street lights. The tower passed by the lights with just a few centimetres of clearance. Under the watchful eye of the media and a large number of spectators, the Köflach landmark was finally lifted into the centre of the roundabout with the help of the 200 tonne telescopic crane.