Port of Lübeck wins big package of shipments of Lkw Walter

Baltic Rail Gate: Launch of a direct intermodal link between Lübeck (Germany) and Novara (Italy)

Port of Lübeck wins big package of shipments of Lkw Walter

Lübecker Hafen-Gesellschaft (LHG) won a new package of shipments. In the course of restructuring their transport services, the Austrian freight forwarder Lkw Walter will be routing via Lübeck a big number of trailers carrying goods between Sweden and Italy. This will be a total volume of around 11,000 load units per year.

On their route via the Baltic Sea, these cargo flows benefit from the tight network offering departures from Lübeck and southern Sweden. At the same time, Lkw Walter is to launch a direct intermodal link between Lübeck’s Baltic Rail Gate (BRG) terminal and Novara, with three weely departures in each direction. In this context the favourable rail links from Lübeck played a major role in European hinterland traffic.

“This is good news, which shows that LHG offers an attractive overall system. Three weekly rail links in each direction from the start are a strong and stable start. This is a clear signal to the market in favour of Lübeck as a location,” said Sebastian Jürgens, CEO LHG. Last year, Baltic Rail Gate had handled around 75,000 units.

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