Nothegger Group launches intermodal bulk logistics service

Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH is the first Austrian company to bring craneable moving floor trailers onto the rails

Nothegger Group launches intermodal bulk logistics service

In the second half of the year 2018, Nothegger Transport Logistik GmbH sets new impulses in unaccompanied combined transport on road – rail. The first cranes were developed and installed together with Peischl in Stegersbach, and have just been put into service. The ten units will soon be followed by six newbuildings of the Dutch supplier Knappen Trailers.

According to CEO Karl Nothegger jun., the equipment, each with a capacity of 92 cubic meters, has more load capacity than an open top container. It also offers better recharge options, which helps to avoid empty runs.

Proof of this is currently being provided on the route from Wels, Upper Austria, via Hall, Tirol, to Dietikon, “where we transport pelltets in westbound traffic and in the opposite direction recycled wood from the Zurich area”, as Karl Nothegger explains in an interview with the logistics magazine Österreichische Verkehrszeitung (OEVZ).

Apart from that, the entrepreneur sees potential for walking-floor semi-trailers in craneable versions on the connections from western Austria to Germany and on the transalpine routes between Germany and Italy. Apart from the above mentioned products, they accept also old paper and any kind of palletized goods for transport by rail, says Karl Nothegger.

The OEVZ will feature a detailed report on the Nothegger Group in No. 22/2018.