New ways and opportunities for air freight at Graz Airport

Joint Venture with Swissport International creates the basis for a better service for air freight customers

New ways and opportunities for air freight at Graz Airport

A new era for air freight started at the Graz Airport. Together with Swissport International the agreed to establish a joint venture to provide air freight services. The aim of this alliance is to expand freight operations andthe service portfolio, and to improve the service quality.

“The cooperation with Swissport International, the world’s biggest provider of ground handling and air freight services in the aviation industry, is a major step in the development in this segment, as we will be able to even better meet the requirements of the industry in the future“, said DI Wolfgang Malik, CEO Holding Graz – Kommunale Dienstleistungen GmbH, and Mag. Gerhard Widmann, Managing Director Flughafen Graz.

Last year the Graz Airport handled 8,696 tonnes of goods. This means air freight was 9.9 per cent below the level of 2014. Passenger transport was up 7.35 per cent to 963,396 passengers.

Transport results Graz Airport:

Volume 2015 2014 Change in %
Total volume – passengers 963,396 897,421 7.35 %
Liner services – passengers 796,220 723,253 10.09 %
Charter services – passengers 167,176 174,168 -4.01 %
Total volume – movements 15,466 14,384 7.51 %
Liner movements 13,323 12,302 8.30 %
Charter movements    2,143    2,083 2.88 %
Cargo volume in t    8,696    9,652 -9.90 %