New IT-Tool for ad hoc charters with Panalpina

Panalpina’s new service provides an up-to-date overview of scheduled cargo flights and of all cargo aircraft in the world

New IT-Tool for ad hoc charters with Panalpina

For almost 30 years, Panalpina’s unique Charter Network has provided valuable services to its customers all around the globe. Panalpina uses one Boeing 747-8F cargo plane, leased by the company, plus charter aircraft to ensure it can always meet the requirements of its customers. By operating this unmatched network, Panalpina can guarantee global reach and vast capacity whilst offering more flexibility and control. Through the Charter Network, Panalpina organizes around 1,500 charters per year.

The Panalpina Charter Network can now be easily accessed at Panalpina’s new charter tool provides an up-to-date overview of scheduled cargo flights and of all cargo aircraft in the world – big and small – available for chartering on any given day. The charter tool focuses on user-experience with a responsive design featuring drag-and-drop origin and destination functionality, current aircraft availability by geography and routes, types of aircraft and much more.

“Especially during seasons with high and ad-hoc demand or in case of emergencies, customers can rely on the charter tool. The semi-annual retendering of our subcontractors and respective framework agreements keep the Charter Network up-to-date and agile, ensuring that Panalpina can always provide a reliable and secure transport across the globe at any given time,” says Lucas Kuehner, Panalpina’s global head of Air Freight. “We are the only freight forwarder that can offer this type of network and the charter tool provides easy access to it.”

Finding an ad-hoc charter flight and requesting and individual offer becomes easy. Customers simply select the start and destination airports and then select the earliest pick-up and latest delivery dates. With additional information about weight and height of the cargo, the tool suggests the most suitable charter solutions. Customers can then immediately request an individual offer based on the provided information.

“The Panalpina Charter Network is ideal for the handling of special cargo such as pharmaceuticals and medical equipment, microchips, oversized oil and gas equipment, helicopters, cars, radioactive and explosive cargo as well as high-value goods,” Lucas Kuehner explains. Flexibility in timing, routing and delivery mode are key requirements for customers, particularly in the oil and gas industry.

Panalpina’s oil and gas experts can be reached through the charter tool 24/7. They use the Panalpina Charter Network to transport goods to the farthest corners of this world in the most efficient way. The nose-loading capability of Panalpina’s Boeing 747-8 Freighter is very useful for shipping oil and gas industry goods. Depending on a customer’s need, Panalpina also regularly charters other types of aircraft such as the MD-11, Antonov-12, Antonov-124 and Ilyushin-76.

Panalpina is the only major freight forwarding company that runs its own transport network for air freight. Panalpina’s Charter Network handles approximately 15% of the air freight shipped by the company.