MSC keep investing in Reefer Cargo Services

The shipping and logistics company has developed a strong service offering and built one of the largest reefer container fleets in the world

MSC keep investing in Reefer Cargo Services

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has expanded its fleet with a record-setting order of 5,000 new PrimeLINE® reefer containers from Carrier Transicold, equipped with the XtendFRESH™ atmosphere control system. This order adds more capacity for transporting temperature-sensitive cargo, offering even more options for their customers, and it is the largest ever order of the XtendFRESH option.

“With investments like this, we are ensuring that our reefer fleet is up-to-date and sustainable, and ready for any forthcoming regulatory changes around emissions. We take our commitment to running sustainable business seriously and will continue to make further investments in low-carbon technology, energy and operational efficiency,” says Antonino Ferraiolo, Reefer Expert at MSC.

The XtendFRESH system manages oxygen and carbon dioxide levels and removes ethylene, thus slowing the ripening of produce and helping to preserve its quality beyond what can be achieved by refrigeration alone. In use, the system’s patented, self-regenerating activated-carbon scrubber assembly captures carbon dioxide and ethylene, a hormone given off by ripening produce that can accelerate ripening if left unchecked. As perishable cargo consumes oxygen, on-demand fresh-air ventilation automatically maintains the optimum level inside the container.

Antonino Ferraiolo : “Of our 1.6 million TEU annual reefer shipments, over 40,000 TEU are Controlled Atmosphere (CA), an active process to regulate modified atmosphere composition, allowing a longer shelf life of the product. Over 20,000 TEU were Cold Treatment (CT), a procedure to eliminate pests in fresh fruit and avoid spreading them to other locations. These allow for longer transit times while keeping the produce in the best shape possible, opening up new markets and opportunities for our customers.”