More than EUR 3.5 billion for a better infrastructure in Vienna

Massive expansion of road and rail infrastructure in Austria’s capital by 2022

More than EUR 3.5 billion for a better infrastructure in Vienna

The Ministry of Infrastructure is investing more than EUR 3.5 billion in road, rail, broadband and research in Vienna until 2022. With a total of EUR 1.6 billion, roughly half of it is earmarked to the expansion and modernisation of the Vienna rail network.

The Ministry of Infrastructure will use about EUR 1 billion for the high-ranking road network in Vienna. More than EUR 750 million of the Ministry’s funds flow into applied research and development. From the broadband billiard, over EUR 50 million are earmarked to close the gap in the Vienna Internet infrastructure.

“With our investments we make Vienna an attractive business location and create and secure a total of up to 44,000 jobs,” said Jörg Leichtfried, Minister of Infrastructure, at a press conference.

The expansion of the railway connections to Bratislava and northbound to Breclav means that most of the investments are made on the railway. Both projects are budgeted with more than EUR 550 million each. The connection between Hütteldorf and Meidling will also be made more attractive with an investment of more than EUR 200 million.

ASFINAG is investing a total of EUR 1 billion into the high-ranking road network in Vienna by 2022 on behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure. The largest part is earmarked for the construction of the S1 highway between Schwechat and Süßenbrunn.

By the launch in 2025, a total investment of around EUR 1.9 billion will be made into this route only. Around EUR 230 million will be used to build a connection to Seestadt Aspern.