Molo VII in Trieste: Strong growth in rail transport

Intermodal connections are a key element in the terminal’s strategic vision; capacity up to 7,000 trains/year

Molo VII in Trieste: Strong growth in rail transport Bild: Trieste Marine Terminal

Trieste Marine Terminal (TMT) has hit another record in 2019: 3,634 trains were handled, scoring +17% in respect of trains operated from and to Molo VII of the Port of Trieste in 2018. Equally remarkable is the 19.7% increase of TEUs moved by rail in 2019 compared to the year 2018.

This constant growth is an encouraging signal in the direction of the fulfilment of the overall Terminal capacity in terms of trains to be handled: thanks to a targeted investments campaign, in fact, TMT rail yard can handle up to 7,000 trains/year and is therefore in a position to still accommodate further relations. These results also testify the constant commitment of TMT and the TO Delta Group to implement a more and more sustainable system year after year.

Regarding the environment, the share of volumes transported by rail versus those moved by truck was 52.3% in 2019; to make a comparison, in year 2016 the share was only 33%. The connections which have mainly contributed to these results are those to/from Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, showing once again how Trieste represents the natural gateway for connecting Asia and the Mediterranean with Central and Eastern Europe.;